The Engaged Employee

We have simplified Enterprise Healthcare and HR Benefits Communication to a delightful mobile employee experience. Now Educate, Remind, Support and Engage Effortlessly. Throughout the year.

A SaaS, Technology-driven solution.

Benefitcloud brings Carrier contact, Benefit details, support, education, reminders and alerts in a simple to use Mobile App experience.

Native Apps provide powerful mobile device specific user experience serviced through a robust API.

API enables easy integration for benefit admin systems, carrier enterprise systems and benefit service center workflows.

Easy to deploy

Unlike any other solution, rolling out Benefitcloud requires no resource and time committment. Each group and entire plan design is fully loaded.


Reaching where Employees are listening, with just-enough, right information at the right time delivers effective awareness, higher participation and empowered employees.

Saves money

Atleast 8+ hours of account coordination time; $4+ for each employee. That's a lot of saving.

Throw away that Benefit guide!

When did you and what did you ever find in that "stack of confusion"; enrollment guide/benefits guide/ employee booklet. Stop the madness.

Benefitcloud has all the contact information; whether you need to call your Medical Insurance Carrier or your Wellness Advisor. Not sure if a trip to urgent care is covered. Just type in urgent in the App and leave nothing to chance.

Stop knocking on your HR manager's door.

Healthcare is tough. Everyone has questions. Not everyone has the privacy or the time to walk over, or call their Benefits HelpDesk.

Benefitcloud to the rescue! We have integrated with your Benefits HelpDesk enabling you to effortlessly send a message through the App. As soon as we get a response we will notify you with a push notification. At a car line, in a doctor's office or at the grocery store; convenient, quick and confidential.

Start becoming an informed Consumer.

Stop missing out on claims and contribution deadlines. What, you did not know that your critical-illness plan that you voluntarily signed up and pay for has $100 of wellness benefit? If only you remembered the 10 telemedicine sessions that your company already pays for, wouldn't you have called a doctor before you rushed to the ER? And the wellness based premium discount you missed on just because you did not remember the HRA deadline.

Benefitcloud has you covered.

Unlike a benefit enrollment system that you only interact with once a year (and upon a life event) you are reminded throughout the year about all that's important to you and all that you should know based on the benefits you have.

Benefitcloud is in regular communication with you throughout the year on your mobile device.

Frequent questions

Here are four questions that are asked often. Since there is no software to install and because we do all the implementation, starting with Benefitcloud is just easy.

Does Benefitcloud replace a benadmin system?

No. Benefitcloud complements a benadmin system. Benefitcloud delivers plan awareness communications leading to open enrollment. Post open enrollment it delivers plan education and support communication.

Can Benefitcloud drive awareness to our cost-transparency and wellness programs?

Yes. Benefitcloud is very effective in delivering just-in-time, just-enough communication to Employees' mobile device that encourages participation leading to awareness of such programs.

We are introducing a full replacement HDHP. How can Benefitcloud help?

This is a very common usecase in Benefitcloud. You can easily highlight differences. Explain advantages like lower employee contribution and employer funded HRA. Provide easy to use support while promoting an inclusive strategy involving employees.

Can i replace enrollment guides with Benefitcloud?

Yes! You don't need to design, print and distribute enrollment guides. Benefitcloud provides access to spd level plan details and legal plan documents.

Download the App

If your group is implemented on Benefitcloud you can download the App for your mobile device. Follow instructions in the activation Email to access your account.

About our team

An amazing product like Benefitcloud is built by an incredible team that knows how to rock 'n roll together. The right mix of uber cool technical expertise with deep domain experience. Here are the main team members.

Vishal Sibal

Founder and CEO.

Joshua Borton

Director of Engineering.

Ronita Abel

Director of Client Relations

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